The Tap Room
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Our main taproom is inspired from scenes of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Everything from the design of the bar to the tables is meant to evoke the cool vibe that you feel when hanging out in the Big Easy. Laid back and unpretentious, it’s the best way to enjoy a craft brew. We have a selection of local and Louisiana-made food items for you to satisfy your culinary cravings.
A little history...
When we decided to build the tap room, we wanted to source our materials (as much as possible) from Louisiana. Most of what you see in our tap room is from the deep south. Our bar, actually in two parts, is constructed from old cypress—part from an old church in Louisiana and part from the swamps. Our doors and shutters that line the walls of the tap room are salvaged from an old plantation. They are over 100 years old and even have the original hardware on them. Even the paint scheme used in the tap room was based off of intense research of French Quarter architecture and colors. Hows that for history?

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This bar was hand made by a gentleman for his fishing camp in Houma, Louisiana. It's constructed of locally-sourced sinker cypress and corrugated metal. The top alone is nearly 2 inches thick and several hundred years old.
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Our bar is built from cypress planks reclaimed from an old church in Louisiana. They were laminated together as a single piece and shipped up to us. We then finished and coated it to match the other bar—even going as far as to use old corrugated metal from Louisiana for the front.
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