Events at Geaux

Thinking of planning an event soon for your office, friend's birthday, or some other special occasion? Geaux is the perfect place. With our New Orleans-themed tap room, we have a fun, unique ambiance. You can book the brewery, taproom, or both! (pending availability)We can host an event from a 10 to over 120 people, and provide complete service from planning to equipment rental, custom food menus, etc.

Here’s some common questions:

What do you charge for your space?
We don’t have a fee for using our space. Our charges are based on food & beverage for your event. Depending on the day & time, and number of people, there are minimum requirements.

How much does it cost?
Each event is different so we don’t quote prices here, but some general guidelines are:

  • If the event is on a weekend (Thur-Sunday) or during a holiday period, it will generally cost more. Peak hours (Noon-3pm & 5-8pm) will also cost a bit more.
  • If the size of your group is over about 20 people or we need to close off sections of the restaurant to the general public, it will usually cost more.
  • Booking on weekday afternoons is the most cost-effective time.
  • For most events, we recommend setting at least a $20/person food budget.
  • Drinks can be either no host/cash bar or hosted/open bar. You can set a budget and switch from a hosted to no host bar during mid event. Plan on about $5-10/person for drinks.

Can we come to your space with a large group and just “hang out”?

As long as your group purchases enough beer and food, we certainly don’t mind you hanging out. In fact, we encourage it! That said, since we don’t charge for space, your group will be subject to minimums that must be met (or covered). If you don’t want to be bothered with minimums, you do not have to make a reservation. Keep in mind that large groups, however, have a harder time getting in during peak times since we are a first-come, first-served establishment.

Can we split a check amongst our group?

For the sake of efficiency (and sanity), we do not allow checks to be split. You may have individual bar tabs running, but large groups must be on a single check.

Can we bring outside food/drink?

Since we have plenty of food and lots of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, we do not allow outside food or beverage. You may bring in your own cake which we will gladly cut, serve, and clean up after for your guests fo $25. (This applies to all desserts, cakes, etc.)

Can I put up my own decorations?

In most cases, yes. We allow balloons, banners, table toppers, table cloths, etc. Keep in mind that anything that may damage the taproom (permanent tape, glue, pins, nails, etc.) is absolutely not allowed. All decorations must be either taken with you when you leave or they will be thrown away. In other words, keep the stuff you want!

Can we hold a rehearsal, retirement, going-away, birthday, shower, or (you name it) party?

Of course! We’ll work with you to develop a custom plan for your event.

What types of menu items can I choose from?

One of the best things about our kitchen is that we can make virtually anything for your guests. While we do have standard menu items that you can choose from, if you have special requests and/or dietary needs, chances are we can accommodate you.

Do you have A/V equipment that we can use?

Yes, we have two large projectors with HDMI inputs and one with a 1/8” audio jack and microphone.

Do you have a stage for presentations and/or live music?

Yes! Our stage easily supports a DJ or a 3-piece band.

Can I bring my own music?

Yes, you can. If you are occupying a portion of our taproom and the rest remains open to the public, we ask that certain types of music not be played. Usually anything that would be considered an “R” rating.

Can I rent out the entire venue?
Yes. Our brewery and taproom can hold over 120 people comfortably. We’ve hosting wedding receptions, graduation parties, and similar large-scale events before. Please contact us at the email below for more information on rates.

Email or call the taproom at 253-397-3939 for more information.
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