Geaux's Brewing Philosophy

Geaux was started with one purpose in mind—to brew great beer on a system that we could teach anyone on. We want to advance the cause of home brewing because we believe that home brewers are able to flex their creativity more than commercial breweries. Some of the greatest brewing experiments start with home brewers because, well, they aren't bound by the concept that they have to make money—they brew because it's a fun hobby and, for some, a real passion. We share that passion and we want to make it fun and accessible to as many people as possible—if nothing else other than to prove that beer doesn't have to be defined as a light-colored, light-flavored, mass-produced beverage that you buy in 24-packs at the local corner mart.

Most importantly, we wanted you to enjoy and share the wonderful tastes of craft brewing with us. Our Taproom/pub is the perfect place to enjoy some fine craft beer with friends and family.

As Geaux has grown beyond our expectations, we’re still driven by that home brewing passion. We’re always experimenting, looking for new and fun ways to push the boundaries of craft beer. To that end, we remain true to our original vision as “The Brewery for Home Brewers” while still being able to keep up with all of the thirsty beer drinkers out there!
Production Brewhouse

In mid 2014, we upgraded our brewhouse to a 4BBL (barrel) brewhouse from Portland Kettleworks. With the upgrade, it allowed us to meet the demand of our beer in the taproom. Prior to the upgrade, it was hard to keep anything on tap for any length of time let alone growler fills. (Note to aspiring brewers out there…don’t start your brewery with anything less than a 3BBL system. Trust us…we’ve been there and there’s nothing quicker to killing your desire to make beer when you have to be brewing all. the. time.) Our cellar has seven fermenters always churning out standards, seasonals, experimental beers, and the occasional one-off. We’re currently maxed out at producing about 300 barrels per year in our current facility.

We recently moved to a new facility in Auburn, WA. The new space is over 3 times the size of our current location and will allow us to produce, initially, about 2500 BBLs/year. In addition to the larger brewing facility, we’ll be adding another New Orleans-themed taproom that includes a full kitchen that features Louisiana-inspired food such as gumbo, jambalaya, and po-boys.