Geaux started in a garage…like most startups—in the summer of 2011. Except, it wasn't a garage in someone's house but rather in Jeremy's business. With concrete floors and roll up doors, it was the perfect place to brew beer—and no spouses would be ticked that their kitchen or home was getting trashed in the process. The reason for wanting to "home" brew? Because the Friday beer parties at his business were starting to rack up some serious expenses. After all, we wanted to drink the good stuff and 22oz. bombers ain't cheap. So, Jeremy got the crazy idea (as he often does) to figure out a way to make beer so that we didn't have to spend so much money on other people's beer.

The problem was…where to start? Jeremy knew he wanted to brew beer but the reality was that with so many home brewers out there—each with their own opinion on how to do things—it was going to be a challenge to corral and sift through the information he needed to get started and actually brew good beer.

After a few "test" batches that yielded sub-standard beer, he got serious and started researching and researching and doing even more research until that first "golden" batch came through. Eventually, the challenge went from brewing good beer to brewing good beer consistently. Again, with more research, he figured it out. Then, he got the idea. "What about other new or rookie home brewers out there? Aren't they facing the same problems I am? Wouldn't they and new home brewers want a convenient location to get it hands-on information about brewing?" At that moment, Geaux went from a hobby to a serious endeavor to bring professional-level brewing techniques to the home brewing community. Then, the REAL fun began.

Going from a "home" brewing operation to a commercial brewery (which is required if you plan to brew anywhere outside of home…even if you don't sell it (oops.)) was a bit more than anyone ever envisioned. After a year of plodding away at paperwork, construction, and using up every ounce of goodwill from family and friends, the Geaux Brewery and Tap room opened up to the public on October 19th, 2013. From there, we’ve grown…and grown…and grown again. This “hobby” of sorts is now one of the hottest little breweries on the Eastside (and now Auburn!) and we have no plans to take our foot off the gas.